Hi Ross
Just a quick email to firstly say thank you for arranging for the girls to come and see us. They all did really well and were very professional. Thanks so much and speak soon.
(Casting director for 'Hooked' - Channel 4)


Hello Ross
I just wanted to thank you again for sending us all those great young actors. We are casting some.
Joe Copplestone
(Writer of '50')


...your Workshops have been the saving grace as I think coming away from school friends and coming into a neutral environment has given her time to relax and be herself...
A mother of one of the Workshoppers.


Sophie thinks the First Act Workshops are fantastic! She loved doing 'Off the Cuff'.  It was a brave idea and I think the group were amazing. It seriously stretched their talents and was extremely funny!
Jill Samuda, mother of a member of the Wednesday group.


Just wanted to drop you a line before the day was over to say a huge thanks for this evening. Your workshop is an inspiration, and each young actor is a credit to you. I would like to be able to have enough roles for everyone, they are all so deserving. The way you managed to include the newcomers, and make them feel at home instantly was nothing short of a little miracle, and the improv you chose for them to do was ideal. You are doing something truly wonderful, and the difference you make to their week is huge. I went away happy to be wandering late night 'middle earth' in search of a bus stop, such a delight were they to see! The thought of it not existing is mortifying. If there is ever anything I can do to help you, do let me know.

Thanks very much for inviting me, it was an absolute pleasure,
(Alex Kelly, who auditioned the Workshoppers in March 2010 for her short film)


Hi Ross
Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the young people we saw on Saturday in Birmingham. They were well-prepared, polite, confident and pleasent and it was a pleasure to meet them. I am confident that we will be able to use a number of them in the future and I will be in touch if something suitable comes up. I will also let you know next time I will be up in Birmingham and can meet some more.
(This email was sent by someone who works for a channel who do not wish me to credit the writer)


First Act Workshops is everything that a young actor or actress could dream of.

I have only been a member for one term and, already, I can’t imagine my life without it. In fact, the only thing that makes me want to achieve throughout the week is the fact that I know that if I do something wrong my punishment would be not going to the workshop on Friday and I simply couldn’t bear that. My particular group is made up of only about 13 people varying in age from 8 to 16. I love that. The fact that all these people can come together to learn the same things. I only wish that I could have learnt at a younger age all of the things that I have so far.

I used to go to another drama club and we did the same thing every week. It was a scenario and 30 minutes to prepare then perform it. This was quite good, the first 1000 times you did it. But, at First Act, we have learnt about sub-plot and what to do and what not to do in improvisations, how to treat others in films and how to deal with auditions and, most importantly, how to react if you don’t get the part knowing that there are going to be many more chances to come your way because Ross, our teacher, will do everything in his power to make sure that you are in casting directors minds all around the country.

Like I said, I have only been a part of First Act Workshops for one term but my fellow members are like family already. I feel that I have known them for years. There are no problems or arguments and we can come together when we need to and help a person in need if it is one of our own. I also would have assumed that I wouldn’t have gotten along with the boys of our group because I am yet to know a boy who could be confident enough to do talented improvisation and a powerful scene and do it well but they didn’t fail to surprise me when I saw what they could do. I never knew I would be able to meet boys who could deliver proper acting and take it seriously.

First Act Workshops gives young children all that they could ask for for the basis of life in the film and theatre industry.

Thank you for all that you have done, especially you Ross.
Vasiliki Tsopanis, age 12.


How exciting for all the children... judging by [my daughter’s] face when she comes out of the workshop, it’s all gooooood.

And lastly Thank You for making [my daughter’s] life so much better, she really enjoys her Fridays.

Many Thanks,
A mother of one of the Workshoppers


  1. I have been attending First Act for just under two years now and I can honestly say that my life wouldnt be the same without it.

    When I decided that I wanted to learn how to act for screen, I began the search for a local class that I could go to. It seemed that there was nowhere that offered this kind of service in Birmingham until I discovered Workshop. Since, It has become such a big part of my life, not only have I made friends that I know I will keep for a long long time, but my confidence has increased massively. Workshop lets us learn and have heaps of fun all at the same times! We learn how to do all kinds of things such as improvisation,script work,comedy acting,straight drama acting, spacial awarness and posture. We know that we can always rely on Ross to help us with anything and everything!

    First act completely makes my week and I dont think I laugh as much all week as I do in the two hours we are at workshop.
    First Act is helping me, along with many other young actors and actresses find their way in this crazy world we call the acting industry and I wouldnt want to train anywhere else!

    Bethany-Antonia Clarke - 16

  2. I've been a member of workshop for nearly four years and the happiness it brings me every week is so pleasing. I attend drama along with my younger brother and sister who enjoy the two hours just as much as I do. Workshop is such a unique, open space with no judgement or stress: I've learned so much and am so grateful to Ross and everybody else. Thank you for being the highlight of my week!

    Annika - 12